Good morning, Fools! School's back in session, and the markets are waking up from one last holiday hurrah. Let's dig in to what's happening in the business world on this Tuesday morning.

U.S. home prices on the rise
According to a report by CoreLogic, housing prices rose 3.8% over last 12 months ending in July, signaling a glimmer of hope in the nation's struggling housing market. Check out more over at this Associated Press report.

Domestic Chrysler sales get a boost
Americans' love for the Ram pickup truck has pushed Chrysler to a 14% increase in U.S. sales in August, the company reported today. This report marks the 29th month in a row of year-over-year rises in sales, according to Reuters.

Mixed results for soup, pork
Campbell Soup
(NYSE: CPB) profits rose 27% on sales of its soup and other meals -- beating analysts' expectations, according to the Associated Press. Meanwhile, Smithfield Foods (NYSE: SFD) earnings fell by 25% in first-quarter earnings this morning, according to Fox Business.

And the day's just getting started. Stick with us as the hours tick by to learn all about the day's newsmakers. Fool on!