Word has it that Apple is developing a Pandora-like service to be included as an additional offering for the iOS ecosystem. If this comes to fruition, analysts agree that it would be a real boon for Apple -- and a death blow to Pandora.

On Apple's side of the equation, this is a plan that makes a lot of sense. Thanks to its well-established iTunes ecosystem, Apple already has pre-existing relationships with many of the record labels. When it comes to the often-tenuous negotiations process surrounding license agreements, Apple has a built-in head start. As for good reason to expand and diversify its music services, look no further than the rise of other platforms in competition with Apple's iTunes -- namely the Google Play music store/manager and Amazon's MP3 store/player.

As for Pandora, the future looks grim if Apple does indeed follow through with a similar service of its own. Not only does much of Pandora's usage come from mobile devices (a huge proportion being Apple-produced iPhones and iPads), but this also highlights the problems of Pandora's inherently weak model. Not only is it overly mobile-reliant, but much revenue also derives from advertising, despite the subscription element.

Ad-based models are challenging in and of themselves -- add the biggest player in tech flexing its muscles in your space, and Pandora probably doesn't stand much of a chance. With Apple more invincible than ever, investors are looking for fresh recommendations on how to play the stock. For this reason, we’ve created a brand-new report that details everything you need to know, along with continuing updates and guidance on the company whenever news breaks. To get started, just click here now.

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