Earlier this week, the Treasury recently announced plans to sell a huge portion of its AIG(NYSE:AIG) stake, dumping $18 billion of AIG stock before underwriter options -- roughly the size of Facebook's IPO. All told, this will bring the government's ownership percentage down below 20%. Senior analyst Anand Chokkavelu says this is good news and that AIG is "one step closer to freedom." See the following video for more.

​With so many of the big finance firms getting bad press these days, you may be inclined to stay away from the sector entirely, but that could be a huge mistake. In fact, some of the best opportunities over the next few years can be found there, including one small, under-the-radar bank. It's been called one of The Stocks Only the Smartest Investors Are Buying. You can learn about it, and more, in our exclusive free report. Just click here to keep reading

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