Investors are banking big on JC Penney's (NYSE: JCP) turnaround strategy, and hailing the store-within-a-store concept as a revolutionary lifesaver. It's hard to blame them, and Ron Johnson is one heck of a talented guy, but the store-within-a-store model isn't a silver bullet. It's been tried with mixed success in the past. Like anything, it's the execution that matters, not the format. JC Penney may very well turnaround to be the turnaround everyone expects, but they're far from a shoo-in.

They're certainly taking some pages out of Ron Johnson's former employer's playbook: Apple. Aside from being one of the best electronics companies around, they're also a world class retailer. We shed some light on what they've done right, and what you need to know about this company going forward in our brand new report that details when to buy and sell Apple. To get started, just click here now.