The following video is part of our "Motley Fool Conversations" series, in which analyst John Reeves and advisor David Meier discuss topics across the investing world.

The global economy may be slowing down, but there are plenty of companies with strong tailwinds behind them. One that John and David have in their 10-bagger portfolio is Fusion-io. Its solid-state memory products are finding their way into servers to help them process data more efficiently. It’s a big, growing market. Another company with a big tailwind behind it is GNC Holdings. Health and wellness are big lifestyle trends right now. The supplements retailer continues to gain popularity, much like lululemon with yoga apparel. Finally, there’s Michael Kors, the designer and retailer of high-end fashion items. It burst onto the scene, and competes with companies like Coach. Analysts see a very bright future ahead of it. Although the overall outlook is for low growth, there are always strong trends and companies riding their waves. Fusion-io, GNC Holdings, and Michael Kors are three great growth stocks today.


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