Biotech company MannKind (NASDAQ:MNKD) is developing a fast-acting, inhalable insulin drug called Afrezza. The drug has previously been rejected by the FDA, but the company looks determined to get this product to market. Today, MannKind announced that its two Phase 3 Afrezza clinical trials have completed patient enrollment, and this will help the company stay on track to file for FDA approval in Q3 of 2013. The company has shown interest in linking up with a larger company, but a partnership has been elusive. It could be that Pfizer's (NYSE:PFE) failed attempt to market Nektar Therapeutic's (NASDAQ:NKTR) inhalable insulin product, Exubera, has made other big pharma companies hesitant to enter this market.

In the following video, healthcare analysts Max Macaluso and David Williamson explain this news, its impact on the company's share price, and discuss why MannKind still hasn't announced a partnership with any of the major pharmaceutical companies.

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