Today, energy analyst Joel South looks at one of the most interesting picks from the recent Value Investing Congress: Agruim.

JANA partners pitched the company at the Congress, and Joel likes the story. There are a few key things management could do to unlock value, including separating the retail industry from the wholesale industry. Doing so would allow the company to effectively manage capital and get the projects it needs. 

Separating the two divisions also removes confusion about where overhead expenses should be spent.

As much potential as Agruim has, though, there's one energy company that could have even more upside: SandRidge. Investors were startled after SandRidge plummeted when natural gas prices reached 10-year lows, but with the company halfway through its ambitious three-year plan to profitability, the future looks bright. If you're unsure about the future of this emerging oil and gas junior and are looking to find out more about its strengths and weaknesses, you should view this brand-new premium report detailing SandRidge's game plan and what to expect from the company going forward. To get started, click here

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