Morgan Stanley's Adam Jonas, an influential auto analyst, has named Ford (NYSE:F)as his top pick in the auto sector, citing the company's "radically improved product offering" and "levered play on the U.S. housing recovery and European restructuring." Jonas gave the automaker a $17 price target, significantly up from its current $10 share price. In the preceding video, industrials analyst Brendan Byrnes explains why Ford is strictly a long-term play but also discusses many significant drivers coming up in the automaker's future.

Despite all signs pointing to success for Ford, the company's stock still seems stuck in neutral. Does this create an incredible buying opportunity, or are there hidden risks that investors need to know about? To answer these questions, Brendan has written a premium research report with in-depth analysis on whether Ford is a buy or a sell, and why. In addition to the report, you'll also receive a full year of updates and guidance -- straight from Brendan -- as key news develops. Simply click here now to learn more and get started.