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Infinera's DTN-X offering continues to attract new customers. The company looks like it's ready to turn the corner. Infinera's sales came in slightly ahead of analysts' estimates, and the company still generated a loss on earnings. But Infinera now has 16 purchase commitments from customers, up from 10 in the previous quarter and four in the quarter before that. There is an unnamed Tier 1 customer that many think may be Verizon. It's more likely to be a carrier such as CenturyLink.

One catalyst coming up is that Infinera expects to receive its OSMINE certification, which would open up the domestic telecom market. Infinera faces plenty of competition from incumbents such as Ciena and Alcatel-Lucent. But the company continues to see good early adoption for its DTN-X product. It was nice to hear about revenue growth coming in 2013. Infinera has turned the corner and the stock is attractive here.

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