The Walt Disney Co. (NYSE:DIS) is shutting down Disney Movies Online. It posted a notice yesterday on its website announcing the site's closure effective Dec. 31. Customers can continue to stream existing movies until Dec. 31, but can no longer make purchases, upgrades, or Magic Code entries on the website. Magic Code entries can still be used on

Prior to closure, the site had enabled Disney customers to rent and buy movies from Disney's extensive library of films, as well as to stream movies that had been previously purchased in disc form to a Web browser with use of said Magic Code. The site's capabilities never reached the level of rival streaming sites such as Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX). According to an Associated Press report, Disney said the site lacked "the flexibility that many users today demand." Disney is phasing it out in favor of a new service called Disney Movies Anywhere, The Associated Press reported, although this new service is not yet operational.

Disney advised that customers who wish refunds for movies already purchased or upgraded on Disney Movies Online can email the company at any time through the end of February, and will receive a check in the mail in compensation.



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