Enterprise Products Partners (NYSE:EPD) has returned over 60% over the last five years, but as we all know, past performances are not indicative of future returns. That's why I created a premium report on Enterprise; to help investors examine its future and decide if the company is still right for their portfolios.

Following is an excerpt from the report, which focuses on the partnership's leadership. It's just a sample of one section, but we hope you enjoy.

Leadership is especially important when it comes to master limited partnerships. The structure of these entities ultimately means that individual investors don't have much of a voice.

Enterprise is led by CEO Michael Creel, a certified public accountant with CFO experience who has been with Enterprise or its affiliates in some capacity since 1999. COO Jim Teague has a comparable tenure, doing stints with a Shell affiliate and MAPCO prior to joining the Enterprise family in 1999.

Enterprise's management does an excellent job of staying fiscally responsible, yet has managed to increase unit distributions every quarter for 33 consecutive quarters – including our troubled times in 2008 and 2009.

It has sold low-yielding, non-core assets, and routinely finished projects under budget. As a result of its financial discipline, Enterprise's debt ratio has fallen significantly over the last five years, from 4.6 times adjusted EBITDA in 2008 to 3.3 times adjusted EBITDA.

Looking for more guidance?
That was just a sample of our new premium report on Enterprise Products Partners. If you're weighing whether the company is a buy or sell, the report is an essential resource for investors seeking more information on the company. Not only that, but the report also comes with updated quarterly guidance and dives into upcoming catalysts on the horizon. To get started, simply click here now.

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