In this video, Motley Fool analyst Andrew Tonner talks about the investment opportunities for Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) through the next year.

According to Andrew, China will be the driving force for Apple's stock in the coming year. With the launch of iPhone 5 on Dec. 14, it appears that demand for the product is strong. According to analysts, many customers are delaying their purchases and waiting for the new phone. China Unicom, one of three biggest telecom operators in China, received 100,000 orders for the new iPhone during the first day of its presales.

Furthermore, the iPhone 4 launched in late December 2010. Chinese carriers sold those phones with two-year contracts, so these consumers are potentially waiting to upgrade to the iPhone 5. Apple's also finally on China Mobile's network. China Mobile is the biggest telecom operator in China, with nearly 690 million subscribers. That's a lot of potential buyers.

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