Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) has been the second worst-performing stock in the Dow this year, with Hewlett-Packard leading as the worst. These two companies have been affected by the same technological shifts and are feeling the pinch of changing consumer trends. In this video, analyst Andrew Tonner talks about those changes and the reasons investors should steer clear of Intel.

Sales of PCs have been shrinking. Desktop and laptop computers are being sought after less, while consumers have been moving toward mobile devices, including tablets. The decline in PC sales directly affects Intel's revenue, and other companies such as Dell and HP, have been confronting the same predicament -- the growth in the PC industry isn't what it used to be. Intel provides technology primarily for PCs, but it hasn't been able to dominantly place its chips in tablets the same way that led it to dominate the PC industry.

Intel shareholders should be aware of which technologies are growing and which ones are contracting. The growth is happening in tablets, smartphones, and cloud computing. Has Intel made substantial advancement in those areas? Andrew doesn't think so.

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