When a company successfully transitions from loose change to DVDs, it seems it might be capable of anything. Does that make Coinstar's (NASDAQ:OUTR) stock a buy now? Or is the declining popularity of DVDs a signal to get out?

To help answer this question, take a look at our new premium report on Coinstar. For a sample of what's offered in the report, below is an excerpt describing three reasons to buy and three reasons to sell the kiosk king.

Three reasons to buy

  • Redbox has the largest market share in DVD rentals and a distribution network that has given it relationships with many of the largest retailers.
  • Coinstar is innovating away to depend less on its Redbox business with Rubi coffee kiosks and a joint venture with Verizon to stream movies.
  • Its coin machines, though they account for only 25% of operating profits, have a 24% operating margin with no competitors in sight.

Three reasons to sell

  • DVD and Blu-ray rentals dropped 11% in 2011 -- not a good statistic for Coinstar, which relies on Redbox for 75% of its profit.
  • While coffee kiosks can pad revenue, it's unlikely that they can add a significant portion to make up for any large decline in disc rentals.
  • Management has burned investors in the past, with a class-action lawsuit alleging that it failed to disclose pertinent information that led to a 40% drop in share price.

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