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Dan Newman

Dan Newman


Writing for the Fool since 2011. Interested in technology, the future of society, and how both overlap.

Recent articles

The Neighborhood Coffee Shop That Shaped Starbucks' Future

A small, unbranded coffee shop served as a secret testing ground for the company and its new premium strategy.

LendingClub: Are Peer to Peer Loans Worth an Investment?

Should you invest in LendingClub's stock, its peer-to-peer loans, or neither?

Two Social Trends That Facebook, Inc. Fears

Facebook has shaped our culture for the past decade. Will it be around for the next decade?

3 Things to Know About and the Kindle Unlimited Plan

Amazon's new service has yet to come out, but already has implications for its partners and competitors.

Apple Could Make a Killing on This Little-Known Device

Apple has been searching for the next iPhone-like driver of growth. Is this device the answer? Might Destroy This Industry Before It's Primed to Launch is ready to provide the latest high-tech industry with its classic customer-centric strategy.

$11,000 for Every Household: Could Guaranteed Income Work for America?

What if the government cut you a check each month, and you never had to worry about making too little?

With Google Inc's Endless Expansion, Will It Ever Be Broken Up?

Google's relentlessly pursuing growth, but when will it be too big for comfort?

The Scary Supplier Practices of Apple and Samsung

No overtime pay, kids handling chemicals, and a lack of smoke detectors are a few workplace issues.

Facebook Inc's Experiment Shows How the Sausage is Made

Will this be the final straw for Facebook users? Not if the past is any indication.

It's Time for Android Wear Smartwatches: 3 Things to Know

Sick of checking your phone to see what time it is? The wristwatch is back.

The Nook Might Live Longer Than You Think

The spinoff of Nook Media ties the forlorn e-reader to a lucrative side business.

Where Should You Store Your Money: Dropbox or Box?

Neither have yet to IPO, but peeking inside both shows us a cloudy future.

Google Fiber: 3 Things You Need to Know

Google Fiber is coming. Here are the basics of the service and what it means for the future.

The Breaking News Threat to Twitter

How can a chat application threaten everyone's favorite microblogging service?

Did Garmin Crash With Its Newest App?

Garmin's last attempt at battling smartphone navigation competition proves that it should stay away from the market.

Why Facebook Inc's Profitability Will be Pressured

Facebook's newest acquisitions could give it dominance in future industries, but could hurt profitability in the near term.

This Is Facebook's Mobile Future -- And Yours

Facebook acquired a small data compression company, which points to harvesting even more information about you.

Is This Baidu, Inc.'s Biggest Risk?

Baidu is losing market share quickly to Qihoo. Is Qihoo a real threat?

Is Lexmark International Inc. Stock Alive or Dead?

The company has dumped inkjets to try to survive. Now, will it prosper?