Since it's the time of year to look back, today we celebrate The Motley Fool's very best articles from throughout 2012.

Here they are, listed chronologically within each category.

Who doesn't love a good list? If you have the time, check out all 217 items in these four.

50 Amazing Numbers About Today's Economy

The 100 Things I've Learned in Investing

17 Examples of America's Broken Health Care System

50 Unfortunate Truths About Investing

As investors writing for investors, sometimes we Fools need to get on our soapbox. Here's us calling it like we see it.

The Time Is Now: Let's Stop Congressional Insider Trading

The JOBS Act: Opening Pandora's Box

Wall Street 2 Years Later: How Much Has Changed?

How Dow Chemical Can End the Bhopal Tragedy

Why Financial Education Must Be Taught in Our Schools

Can Your Edward Jones Financial Advisor Really Serve Your Best Interests?

Individual Stocks and Industries
Much of our time is spent exploring individual companies and industries for potential investing ideas. These articles were particularly well done.

Investing in Cloud Computing for Dummies

A Decade of Apple Visualized

The Tragedy of Facebook: How Wall Street Robbed Main Street America

TMF World Energy Map

Foolish Road Test! Driving the Tesla Model S

1 Major Clue That Apple Is Expecting a Blowout Next Quarter

Economic Matters
If you like a higher-level macro view, these articles hit the mark.

Can We Learn a Lesson From a Tiny Fishing Nation in the Middle of the Ocean?

3 Huge Economic Misconceptions From Election Season

5 Huge Myths About Social Security

The Best Presidents for the Economy

How to Invest. Better.
Want to hone your investing craft? Read on.

This Is What a Penny Stock Spam Email Looks Like

A Bias of Titanic Proportions

Why Simple Investments Win

What You Should Look For in a Stock

How to Read Financial News

We hope you enjoyed 2012. Here's to an even better 2013!