Brendan Byrnes: A lot of the book is about the sales-facing people, but what about the entire organization? Can regular employees, that maybe don’t have much interaction with customers, can they benefit from this too, this sense of purpose? Can that increase performance in the organization as a whole?

Lisa McLeod: Oh, and the data is absolutely clear. It increases performance as a whole. The reason that I focus in on sales leadership and the salespeople is because it’s their responsibility to bring the voice of the customer inside the organization.

It’s one thing to say, "We want to help people invest better," but it’s another thing for salespeople to come into the organization and say, "Let me tell you what that looked like, for my customer."

The company I mentioned, who makes transportation "safer, faster, more reliable," their salespeople are charged with telling stories at meetings about what actually happened to their customers. The onus is on sales leadership to bring the voice of the customer in, but it has a dramatic impact on everyone in the organization.

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