2012 was a wonderful year for Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM). The numbers around the company speak for themselves. In fiscal 2012, Qualcomm accomplished the following:

  • It grew revenue by 32%,
  • gross profit was up 25%,
  • it held onto a majority of baseband revenue,
  • and it kept its dominant lead in mobile processors.

Not only that, but its hugely profitable licensing business grew by 17% amid surging smartphone sales. Qualcomm gets a lot of attention for being a key Apple supplier, but in reality the company is a major play on smartphone and tablet growth, regardless of shifting market share between competitors like Google and Apple.

In the video below, Fool technology analyst Eric Bleeker looks at a couple key storylines surrounding the company in 2013. Not only will Qualcomm have a chance to increase its presence in the booming tablet market, but it'll also have to defend a new generation of competitors battling in the smartphone chip space.

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