On Thursday, Boeing (NYSE:BA) released its latest weekly tally of jetliner orders from around the world. Over the past week, Boeing has received orders for six of its 787 Dreamliners from Aeromexico, 60 of its 737 MAX aircraft from Aviation Capital Group, six 777s from China Airlines, and two 737s from the U.S. Navy. Additionally, the company has received orders from customers, whose identities it did not disclose, for 40 more 737s -- 114 planes ordered in all.

Cancellations over the course of the week included one Boeing 787, and 25 Boeing 737s, resulting in a net gain of 88 planes ordered. The total for calendar year 2012 gross new plane orders was 1,339. Minus 136 cancellations, Boeing netted 1,203 new orders for the year, making 2012 the company's best-selling year since 2007 , when Boeing booked a net 1,413 new orders.

Boeing shares closed up 0.5% Thursday, at $77.47.


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