In the following video, Fool analysts Jeremy Phillips and Austin Smith discuss Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), a stock that both hold in their personal portfolios.

Google's lead in the Internet search market is far beyond what investors see from market leaders in other areas, such as Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) in the mobile market, Jeremy says. And he sees Google ramping up innovation.

Google has the best chance of generating advertising online because it is dominant in search and also has a strong email platform, Jeremy says. That gives the company access to a lot of user information that it can use in directing advertising and measuring its effectiveness.

Google really does own the Internet, Austin says. It has an impenetrable moat that continues to grow.

Jeremy also sees Internet-connected television as an area of future growth for Google, possibly starting as early as this year.

Both analysts see Google as a long-term winner for investors.

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