Brendan Byrnes: I think that lends itself to the sensory explosion trend. What is this, and how can marketers take advantage of it?

Ann Mack: Our world has gone more virtual and online, but there's still this need for sensory stimulation. Marketers can definitely play into this by utilizing new technology.

Byrnes: It's something we pay more attention to.

Mack: Exactly. It cuts through the clutter.

One example comes from [Dunkin' Brands'] Dunkin' Donuts, out of Seoul. They installed technology in buses that released coffee aroma every time their jingle played, at the top of the hour. Guess what? When people left the bus, guess what they picked up? A Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Very subliminal.

Byrnes: Interesting. That's actually kind of scary.

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