Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) is getting plenty of press this week after it led the keynote address at the widely watched Consumer Electronics Show. At Qualcomm's keynote, the company highlighted the idea we're now in a "born mobile" world.

Yet, most of Qualcomm's demos showcased the raw processing power of its new Snapdragon 800 line. On one hand, that's because events like CES are built to show off a company's biggest and most advanced products. On the other hand, Qualcomm's also demonstrating its increased focus on the high-end market.

While Qualcomm might dominate smartphones in general, it has been a laggard in tablets, logging just 4% market share in 2012. That's partially the result of Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) use of its own processor and domination of tablet market share. But Qualcomm has also missed out on major tablets like the Nexus 7 and Surface, both of which went to NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA).

With Windows now a battlefield for ARM-players and tablets projected to pick up steam, Qualcomm's putting more focus on high-end processors with higher sales per unit in 2012. Based on its past underperformance in the area, it looks like there's plenty of upside in the years to come.