Brendan Byrnes: What about the peer-powered trend? You had mentioned a few industries in particular that this is starting to disrupt, or are starting to use this. What does "peer powered" mean, exactly?

Mack: This is the idea of doing business with our peers, versus big, established brands. The peer-to-peer marketplace is disrupting multiple industries, and not just for goods but also services: industries such as hospitality, with P2P lodging companies such as Airbnb and Couchsurfing offering a variety of different ways to sleep at your destination. It could be a couch, it could be a bedroom, it could be a full home, and at relatively lower prices than your typical hotel.

You also have it disrupting the travel sector. Just think of the cab sector. There are ride-sharing companies such as Lift and SideCar, which match drivers with extra space in their car with passengers. This has the potential to disrupt several established industries.

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