In stark evidence of how much the GPS navigation device business has changed in an age of ubiquitous GPS-enabled smartphones, GPS pioneer Garmin (NYSE:GRMN) announced this morning that the newest electronic products from its Garmin International unit will be a pair of electronic training collars for dogs, titled "BarkLimiter" and "Delta."

BarkLimiter features "bark identification technology ... to distinguish between barking and other vocalizations" and to deliver "consistent and instantaneous correction." In a press release, the company explained that: "When a bark is detected, the lowest level of correction is given, and corrections will rise until the dog stops nuisance barking." The device also contains a "Bark Odometer" that logs the number of times a dog barked while an owner was absent from the home, so that the owner can monitor the dog's progress upon his or her return.

Garmin's other new product, Delta, is described as a "virtual leash" that can be used by owners to teach their dogs new commands or "refocus them away from unwanted behavior." Available correction settings are described as including everything from an unpleasant tone, to a vibration, to 18 levels of momentary and continuous "stimulation." Delta also comes in a combination package, including both the ordinary leash settings and also a BarkLimiter.

The BarkLimiter has a retail price of $79.99 while the Delta has a retail price of $199.99. Both will be available in the first quarter.


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