PayPal announced today that it has successfully signed up 23 large national retailers to enable in-store PayPal payments for their customers.

After announcing in May 2012 that the eBay- (NASDAQ:EBAY) owned company had reached agreements with 15 national retailers, PayPal said it would bring the total to 20 by end of 2012. Today it announced it had topped that goal, with 23 large national retailers, for a total of 18,000 stores around the United States.

PayPal's partners now include the following companies, plus two soon-to-be-announced additions:

In a blog post published today, Vice President of Retail Services Don Kingsborough wrote, "This is an exciting time at PayPal because our path to enabling people to pay with PayPal in the store has now gone from a vision to a reality. We are executing on our vision of cloud-based payments to enable true convenience across any channel from your laptop to your smartphone or the store."


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