Even though there wasn't a lot of news about any of the companies, Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), Facebook (Nasdaq: FB), and Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) were all big movers in today's market. Apple closed the day up over 4%, and Netflix's shares sagged by an equal amount. Meanwhile, Facebook closed the day down only 0.8%, but with heavy midday selling.

As Fool technology analyst Eric Bleeker describes in the video below, all three companies seem to be reacting to a rash of recent news instead of anything new today. Netflix shares are under pressure as activist investor Carl Icahn is setting his sights on new targets. Apple continues to react to news of production cuts, possibly bouncing back today after an overreaction to the downside to begin the week. Facebook is taking a pause after a recent rally, thanks to investors unimpressed with their recent social search offering. To learn Eric's thoughts on why the stocks are moving, as well as some key upcoming catalysts for each stock, watch the video below.

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