Each year, the Detroit Auto Show plays host to some of the world's most interesting concept cars. The nagging question (as always) is whether consumers will buy fanciful designs such as Tesla Motors' (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model X when it comes to market in 2014.

So far, the verdict is "yes," but by a slimmer margin that some investors might  expect. When The Wall Street Journal conducted a poll in which it asked enthusiast readers whether they would "build" or "bag" the Gull-winged Model X -- think of the time-traveling DeLorean from Back to the Future -- only 56% said "build."

Toyota's (NYSE:TM) new Corolla Furia led the pack, with more than 70% of readers approving of the design, while Ford's (NYSE:F) Lincoln MKC rated slightly below the Model X, with 55% saying "build."

Surprised? So was Fool contributor Tim Beyers, especially given how reviewers and premium consumers have taken to Tesla and its Model S sedan, which Motor Trend magazine named as its "Car of the Year" for 2013.

The company needs the Model X to engender as much or more enthusiasm in the year ahead. Will it happen? Tim answers this question and more in the following video. Please watch and then leave a comment to let us know what you think.