In the following video, Eric Bleeker and Andrew Tonner look at supply constraints at Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and how they've become an anchor on Apple's results. Last quarter, Apple not only cited supply constraints with the iPhone 5 but also noted an inability to catch up with demand in the iPad Mini. Those are the more notable examples that could be leading to missed sales opportunities. However, Apple also noted shortages in new Macs and even older iPhone 4s. 

As Eric notes, this shortage is partially the result of Apple's major launches and its size. However, he and Andrew also discuss how major changes like the long-rumored switch to Taiwan Semiconductor (NYSE:TSM) for either part or all of Apple's processer manufacturing shows the continuing challenges ahead in future launches that could lead to further constraints. 

Part of Apple's DNA is not compromising on design, which can lead to manufacturing difficulties on newer products. All the same, the trend toward supply constraints is proving to be an anchor on Apple's growth ability at its current size. To see Eric and Andrew's full thoughts, watch the video. 

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