I'm proud to announce that we recently launched our first daily online investing show, Investor Beat. The fast-paced show will give viewers forward-looking commentary and analysis on the day's market news.

It airs every day at 5 p.m. ET, and you can find it right on our Fool.com homepage. Through an exclusive partnership, the show will simultaneously stream on MSN Money.

To help us get the show off the ground, we brought in Jack Kahn, a veteran business news producer. Jack was one of the founding producers of PBS' Nightly Business Report (NBR) when it launched in the late 1970s.

A few weeks back, I asked Jack to share his thoughts on the evolution of financial media, how the bull market of the 1980s helped NBR and other business news programs, and whether we're at a saturation point now, among other topics.

What follows is the video in full (run time: 12:38); I don't have a transcript, but below the video player, you can view my questions for Jack along with the corresponding timestamps for his answers. (Bonus: A young Neil Cavuto makes a cameo at the 9:35 mark.)

Here are my questions, with timestamps:

When did the electronic media begin to get interested in financial news?

Your career at NBR presided over a decades-long bull market in the stock market. What was the perception of stocks at NBR's beginning versus, say, five years ago?

The media has changed a great deal since NBR was launched (which was pre-CNBC, pre-Internet, pre-Twitter/Facebook). What is one way the financial media has not changed over the years?

For years, newspapers had a monopoly on financial news and stock quotes. How was that disrupted by electronic media?

What's the story behind the creation of NBR in the late 1970s?

NBR launched in South Florida. Fool HQ is in Alexandria, Va. To state the obvious, neither of those places is New York City (or even Silicon Valley). What's the advantage of not being in the epicenter of global financial markets?

Take me back to what had to be one of the crazier days at NBR, the Crash of 1987. What was it like to produce the show that day, and what was going through your mind as events unfolded?

We've seen an explosion of financial news reporting online and on TV sets. Have we reached a saturation point?

You're here at HQ to help us launch Investor Beat. What's the value proposition for a viewer considering watching Investor Beat

We welcome your feedback on Investor Beat. Email the show at InvestorBeat@fool.com.