In the video below, Fool analyst Lyons George talks about Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and what investors might expect in the wake of a disappointing quarter.

With shares holding right around their 52-week lows, Apple and its investors are probably thinking the same thing about now: What else can the company do to maintain its growth profile?

If a recently uncovered patent application is any indication, the future of one of the world's most prominent tech companies could very well be a shoe, Lyons says. Tim Cook and company recently asked for the rights to a "smart shoe system" that integrates a processor and tiny sensors into everyday footwear.

This may sound farfetched, but the intended uses are practical, Lyons says. It could tell users how far they've walked or when shoes should be replaced, or whether the shoes are even right for them. It also fits into a larger project Apple has been working on with Nike (NYSE:NKE) to develop smart workout gear, and Apple has already filed some additional patents. Investors shouldn't be surprised to see some of these products start to hit the market.

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