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Lyons George

Lyons George


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As the "Internet of Things" revolution is already underway, here are some insights about Splunk -- a top player in this brand new industry.

Zendesk IPO: Show of Strength or Sign of Weakness?

Zendesk’s recent IPO was a great success, closing the trading day up nearly 50% since hitting the market, but tech investors need to know the rest of the story.

Google Glass Goes High Fashion

With Ivy Ross coming on board and Google Glass finally hitting the open market, Google’s message is loud and clear.

1 Winner, 1 Loser in Google's "Gamey" $1 Billion Bet

The tech world can expect to see one winner and one loser as Google looks to acquire live-streaming video service Twitch.

SXSW: Wild About Wearables

Google and Microsoft are among the big-name players set to benefit from the explosion in wearable technology. Join us from South by Southwest for the latest in this hot trend.

Want to Invest in Drones? Watch This First

There are obvious companies benefiting from drone technology – as well as some you’d never think about.

Printing Food Is Actually a Serious 3-D Application

The food services industry is another surprise beneficiary of 3-D printing.

What Amazon Can Learn From IBM’s Watson

IBM’s Watson computer can change the face of many industries, especially health care and retail.

LIVE From Texas: 1 Reason to Keep an Eye on IBM

Most people only remember IBM's "Watson" from an epic run on "Jeopardy" in winter 2011, but you won't believe what this artificially intelligent computer is up to now.

Ask a Fool: Does Facebook Still Have Room to Run?

Facebook has left its inglorious IPO days in the dust, and is firing away on all cylinders recently. But have investors already missed all the upside, or is this a long-term winner?

How LinkedIn Plans to Disrupt the World

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner shares a behind-the-scenes peek at where his company is headed.

The View From the Top: Checking In With Mark Zuckerberg and Marissa Mayer

Where will Mayer and Zuckerberg take the tech world next? We went straight to the source to find out.

The No. 1 Reason to Be Thrilled That Twitter's Going Public

At an exclusive conference in San Francisco earlier this month, one Motley Fool analyst sat front row for interviews with the world's most important technology CEOs. For a limited time, you can check out his on-the-ground insights -- usually reserved for premium members -- on some of the biggest names in tech.

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