Think the only people interested in drones are five star generals and investigative journalists? Think again.

Despite the reputation it’s earned in the headlines, drone technology is quickly shifting away from its military origins toward what many believe will be a multi-billion dollar commercial market. And while it’s tough to say when the public will feel comfortable with drones buzzing around offices, shopping malls, and other distinctly civilian settings, that’s not stopping American companies from plowing forward with their drone plans anyway.

From (NASDAQ:AMZN) to BP (NYSE:BP), the market’s major players are currently signaling an enthusiasm for the promise (and profit potential) of the drone market that’s stronger than ever. Watch as Motley Fool technology analyst Lyons George discusses three signs that the drone market is on the fast-track to a massive, non-militaristic future—and hones in on the companies investors should keep an eye on.