Medical-device company Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) announced on Monday that its Evera line of next-generation implantable cardioverter debrillators, or ICDs, has received CE Mark regulatory approval in Europe.

The Evera line boasts up to 11 years of battery life for the ICDs, along with a thin and contoured design to help it fit inside the body and reduce any patient discomfort. According to Medtronic, the ICD family also sports the company's SmartShock 2.0 technology, designed to distinguish between harmless and dangerous heart rhythms in patients.

Medtronic's vice president and general manager of its tachycardia business, Dr. Marshall Stanton, explained the positive results from approval in a company press release: "Patients suffering from debilitating heart rhythm disorders can rely on new treatment options that can significantly improve their quality of life, while adding peace of mind. Evera builds upon 20 years of leadership at Medtronic in driving product innovation and advancements in shock reduction therapy and device longevity." 

The approval comes at a good time for Medtronic, which has seen its cardiac rhythm management sales -- including revenue from ICDs -- falling with the market. The Evera has not yet been approved for the United States, however.