Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ)-owned Ethicon announced in a press release Monday that the FDA has granted regulatory approval for its Enseal G2 tissue sealer.

Ethicon's newest approved device is the first articulating sealer to allow surgeons to seal blood vessels up to 7 mm in diameter with a perpendicular approach, according to the company. Vessels sealed in such a way tend to be stronger than those sealed at an oblique angle, according to the company, which can prevent the risk of internal bleeding and complications after surgery.

It's a bit of bright news from Ethicon, which has weathered recalls recently over hemorrhoidal staples, wound products, and more. Johnson & Johnson has committed to the division, however, investing $185 million in Ethicon's surgical suture plant in Georgia back in September.

Ethicon's chief science officer, Dr. Joe Amaral, was quoted in the release as saying, "ENSEAL G2 Articulating builds on an existing portfolio of advanced bipolar tissue sealers designed to give surgeons confidence and choice in surgery... Ethicon continues to work with surgeons around the world and across specialties to design innovations to help surgeons deliver the best outcomes based on the unique needs of their patients and procedures."