Not 24 hours since it proudly announced the delivery of 10 F117 engines to Boeing (NYSE:BA) for installation on a flight of Boeing C-17 Globemaster III transport planes destined for India, United Technologies (NYSE:UTX) was back again Tuesday, announcing yet another delivery by its Pratt & Whitney subsidiary.

This time, it's eight F117-PW-100 engines on order, and they're bound for Qatar -- but once again, they'll be arriving attached to the wings of Boeing C-17 transports when they get there. Qatar has ordered two more of Boeing's big transport planes, which use four F117 engines apiece. Qatar plans to incorporate the planes into its air force alongside the two C-17s it already possesses, which it bought back in 2009.

Despite the good news, United Tech shares declined in Tuesday trading, falling 0.4% to close the day at $89.22.