So much for Internet stocks. The same week Riverbed Technology crashed on uninspired guidance, one of its biggest-name partners, Akamai Technologies (NASDAQ:AKAM), suffered a steep decline of its own. The stock fell 16% after coming short of Wall Street's Q4 revenue target. Management's first-quarter guidance was also $12 million short of targets at the midpoint.

So much for the turnaround that looked to be under way last quarter.

Yet Akamai co-founder and new CEO Tom Leighton waxed enthusiastic during an interview the day of the news. Specifically, he talked with Tim Beyers of Motley Fool Rule Breakers and Motley Fool Supernova about his vision for an Akamai whose technology is so deeply embedded with the Internet that it helps optimize nearly every digital action we take.

Tim, himself a one-time Akamai shareholder, says he finds the pitch compelling. Where do you stand? Do you still believe in this company? Click the following video to hear all of Tim's impressions from his interview with Leighton, and then be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think.