Listen to the Battle Royale, a regular feature in our Supernova premium service where Fool co-founder David Gardner pits two stocks against each other. Which one will emerge victorious?


Max Keeler: Our first pairing is IPG Photonics (NASDAQ:IPGP) vs. Open Table (UNKNOWN:OPEN.DL).

David Gardner: Okay, so these two companies are both admired companies of mine, and I believe I own shares of both. I say "I believe" because I have about 35 stocks. They don't change that often, but it's enough that I can't always remember exactly which ones I have and which ones I don't. As you know, Max, anybody can check our Motley Fool Profiles and see what you have or what I have, and that's always how it's been at

If I have to pick over the next year, because that's kind of how I think about Battle Royale, one of those stocks over the next year, I think I'm going to select; I mean I really, truly believe that both will do well and they'll both beat the market, but because Open Table (UNKNOWN:OPEN.DL) is a little bit more out of favor, it got sold off badly and beaten up. I think it briefly touched a hundred dollars a share, so just because I think it has a little bit more room to rebound. I mean anybody who owns IPG Photonics (NASDAQ:IPGP) will be saying and jumping forward saying, Hey! That one's down too, Dave, and I agree. So this is a really interesting pairing because they're so similar in my mind, even though their businesses are very different. Let's move Open Table (UNKNOWN:OPEN.DL) forward.

Max: Okay.