Listen to the Battle Royale, a regular feature in our Supernova premium service where Fool co-founder David Gardner pits two stocks against each other. Which one will emerge victorious?
We're giving you a free sneak peek into this segment that was taped in April 2012.


Max Keeler: NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ:NXPI) vs. (NASDAQ:AMZN) .

David Gardner: Okay, so NXP Semiconductor is a company that actually there's been a lot of Rule Breaker marketing built around NXP because it's a very interesting company that is focused on near-field communications and the opportunity for us to be paying with our cell phones instead of with plastic. I mean it's a large company that does a lot more than just that. And that, by the way, has been an underperforming stock for us in Motley Fool Rule Breakers, so as interesting as it has been as a business; the stock has not really been very kind to us, thus far. But it still is a company that certainly interests us. Just to get a sense of it, we recommended it at 27 last April a year ago; it's down to 24 basically now, and so it's down about 10% with the market about up 10% in that time., a company I know and love and so many people own it. Just to be provocative, I'm going to select NXP Semiconductor to go forward in this particular match, and that's because I believe that NXP has been ill treated by the market whereas I think that Amazon has been well treated by the market over the past year. And maybe I just feel a little contrarian in this podcast.

Max: Okay.

David Gardner: In this podcast, this Fool's Guide to the Galaxy.

Max: I thought that one was going to be in the bag.

David Gardner: Yeah, I know, it is a little crazy, but I'm feeling contrarian today, so let's push NXP Semi forward.

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