Listen to the Battle Royale, a regular feature in our Supernova premium service where Fool co-founder David Gardner pits two stocks against each other. Which one will emerge victorious?

We're giving you a free sneak peek into this segment that was taped in April 2012.

Max Keeler: Okay, our next pairing is Pacific Biosciences (NASDAQ:PACB) of California vs. Athena Health (NASDAQ:ATHN).

David Gardner: So between Pac Bio and Athena Health, that's a pretty easy one for me. I think that Athena Health is a healthier company with healthier prospects. It isn't hard to say that when we reflect that Pacific Bio Sciences , which I recommended along with my friend, Karl Thiel, I think a year ago, and that same issue, April 2011, NXP (NASDAQ:NXPI), and Pac Bio came out, and Pac Bio was at fourteen and a half then; it's at about three bucks now, below three.

Max: Mmm.

David Gardner: So it has performed badly as a stock. And I think there are many more questions about Pacific Bio's business than, what was the competitor?

Max: Athena Health.

David Gardner: Athena Health, right. I just think Athena Health is a surer bet. Nothing is a sure bet on the market, but between those two it's easy for me to push Athena H. forward.

Max: Okay.