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Todd Campbell

Todd Campbell


Todd has been helping buy side portfolio managers as an independent researcher for over a decade. In 2003, Todd founded E.B. Capital Markets, LLC, a research firm providing action oriented ideas to professional investors. Todd has provided insight to a variety of publications, including SmartMoney, Barron's, and CNN/fn.

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Moderna Files for FDA Approval of Its COVID Vaccine in Teens

The company hopes to secure Emergency Use Authorization for its vaccine in children ages 12 to 18.


Vertex Pharmaceuticals Nabs Key FDA Approval in Cystic Fibrosis

The Food and Drug Administration has expanded eligibility for Trikafta to include amenable cystic fibrosis patients aged 6 to 11.


Merck Cuts a Billion-Dollar COVID Deal

The U.S. government will pay $1.2 billion for 1.7 billion doses of Merck's experimental oral COVID-19 drug.


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Biogen set the list price for Aduhelm, its newly approved treatment, and is collaborating with CVS to improve screening for the disease.


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The FDA has lifted the hold on bluebird bio's gene-therapy studies in sickle cell disease and transfusion-dependent β-thalassemia.


Independent Monitors Suggest Shorter Timeline for Novocure's Lung Cancer Treatment

A trial examining the use of Novocure's tumor-treating field technology in non-small cell lung cancer patients could enroll fewer patients over a shorter period, based on recommendations by an independent committee.


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A clinical hold on the biotech company could be lifted following Bluebird's results.


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The e-commerce giant's new pharmacy will deliver prescription drugs throughout most of the U.S.