The Motley Fool's industrial analyst, Isaac Pino, recently attended The Atlantic magazine's Manufacturing Summit for insight into the industry and visited General Electric's (NYSE:GE) 30 Rockefeller offices for a closer look at the $250 billion conglomerate. Isaac and Motley Fool Money host Chris Hill weigh in on the company's transformation over the past few years, its game-changing investments in 3-D printing and the industrial Internet, and the opportunity ahead for GE shareholders.

In the following segment, Isaac takes a closer look at the GE Capital side of GE's business. He says that while it is still a significant revenue stream for the company, GE seems to be shifting focus away from GE Capital and toward more exciting parts of GE's business. He also notes that while GE Capital has become less of a black box and less risky to invest in, it has also become less interesting.