Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) might just be the most controversial stock in the market right now. Its Model S is garnering rave reviews and Tesla is working furiously to increase its production capacity to meet growing demand for the all-electric luxury sedan. Still many investors doubt the Model S, or electric cars in general, will ever gain any significant market share in the auto market. Even more question whether Tesla's technology is all it's cracked up to be. Can the Model S prove the viability of the electric car? Will Tesla Motors ever turn a profit? Is founder and CEO Elon Musk the real deal, or just a brilliant idealist who fancies himself as the real-world version of Tony Stark?

Fools Buck Hartzell and Matthew Argersinger debate. Watch the video below to get their insights on Tesla and let us know in the comments section below what side you're on. And if you have another stock you'd like to see Fool analysts do a bull versus bear face-off on, let us know that too!