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Matthew Argersinger

Matthew Argersinger


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The Current State of Real Estate With Matt Argersinger

Discussing real estate and how the current market resembles the 2005 to 2007 housing boom.


How Individuals Can Invest in Real Estate

Real estate has become a lot more accessible to everyday investors, and that trend is picking up even more speed.


3 Stock Ideas From the World's Top Hedge Fund Managers

At the Ira Sohn Investment Conference, some of Wall Street's most respected investors pitch their current favorite ideas -- both the longs and the shorts.

Why Mastercard Inc and Coach Inc Are Giving Us More Reasons to Be Bullish

But Under Armour had an unusual stumble in the holiday quarter.


Supernova's Winning Pick for Virtual Reality: Activision Blizzard Inc.

This video game giant has made big strides into mobile gaming, with the acquisition of King Digital. But will virtual reality be its next great frontier?

3 Stocks That Could Profit From the Euro Crash

Which stocks will win and lose from the crash of the euro?

Better Stock Today Challenge: Sirius XM vs. Tesla Motors

In the spirit of World Cup competition, we’re holding our own tournament in search of the Better Stock Today.

Better Stock Today: Pfizer vs. Tesla Motors

In the spirit of World Cup competition, we’re holding our own tournament in search of the Better Stock Today.

Could A Free Amazon Streaming Service Threaten Netflix?

The WSJ reports that Amazon is considering launching a streaming media service that would be supported by advertising. Does Netflix have anything to fear?

Google Wants to Power Your Next Watch

The latest on developments in the rapidly evolving "wearables" space that promises to be Apple and Google's next battleground.

Amazon and Google's Next Battleground

Amazon and Google up their competition in the cloud

Is Twitter's Drop A Buying Opportunity?

Twitter has fallen back to prices close to where it traded on its first day as a public company. Is now the time to buy one of this generation's iconic startups?

Ask a Fool: When Will the Overdue Market Correction Take Place?

The market has been soaring to new highs lately, but is it really as overvalued as some suggest?

Ask a Fool: Are Sales Charges and Expense Ratios Dragging Down Your Long-Term Mutual Fund Gains?

How large of an impact do your mutual fund's fees and expense ratio have on your long-term returns?

Ask a Fool -- Quarterly or Monthly Dividends: Does It Matter?

Is it better to get those dividends once a month, or quarter by quarter?

Ask a Fool: Better Ratios -- Index Funds or Mutual Funds?

Can your expensive mutual fund beat this boring old index fund?

Qihoo: The Rising Star of Chinese Tech Stocks

This Chinese tech stock's growth story looks incredible. But is it too good to be true?

Target's Lackluster Earnings

Target is the latest in a string of big retailers to report disappointing earnings. Are frugal consumers really the problem here?

Disney Investors Fret Over Flops

"The Lone Ranger" was a disappointment, but investors really ought to focus on other risks.

SodaStream Stock Bubbles Up

SodaStream investors celebrate a solid earnings beat.

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