Chinese software company Qihoo (UNKNOWN:QIHU.DL), which is best known for its anti-virus software but has also seen a huge amount of growth recently in the adoption of its web browser, just released quarterly earnings, and the market was very impressed. The company doubled its revenue year over year, and nearly quadrupled profits and cash flow.

In this video, Motley Fool analyst Matt Argersinger takes a look at Qihoo's earnings, and the incredible growth story around this rising star. Qihoo has also recently moved into the search space and is working hard to take market share away from the reigning giant in this area, Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU). Matt gives investors a look at just how successful Qihoo has been at this so far.

Matt also addresses the stock itself and what he thinks of investing in China in general at the moment. He says that though the growth numbers for this company are almost too good to be true, but apparently legitimate and trustworthy, he's not jumping in just yet. Matt tells investors what he'll be looking for in the next few quarters.