Brendan Byrnes: So you mentioned that the book is first and foremost about value investing. You mentioned that you decided to add the quantitative aspect. Is that more of protecting investors from themselves kind of thing? How did you decide on the quantitative aspect of it?

Wesley Gray: Well, I've been a value investor, try to pick stocks. I've been a quantitative investor, trying to deal with computers. And the problem is that I start off as a value investor. I had a lot of luck in the beginning but then I got over confident, starting putting like 30% of my capital in some little penny stock idea that I thought was a guarantee and it actually blew up on me.

So I was fortunate enough to learn early on, the value of investing is a great philosophy but the problem is like I've got a PhD in finance and I blew it up. But with the quantitative tools I just thought, OK, I can get a computer while I'm sitting there thinking in a good rational mind-set this is how I should do it when I'm not stressed out and the markets blowing up and so for me it's just a great way to kind of contain myself and make sure I'm doing the right thing.