On Monday, German database powerhouse SAP AG (NYSE:SAP) announced plans to purchase inventory and "service-level optimization" software maker SmartOps. SAP, which has been working with SmartOps for more than six years already, says it now wants to take the next step and pair SmartOps' offerings with its own SAP HANA platform to develop "real-time supply chain" software solutions for its clients.

As explained in a press release on the planned acquisition: "SmartOps has developed large-scale, 'stochastic' algorithms that take the uncertainty and risk out of [supply chain management] processes. These algorithms use predictive analytics to help manage global distribution networks and vast, multi-stage supply chains. Such solutions would be significantly enhanced by SAP HANA, allowing for processing of high volumes of data in real time."

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. However, in a statement, SAP noted that it hopes to close the deal sometime this quarter -- if so, it will happen within the next month.