In the following video, Jason Moser discusses Netflix with David Meier, who shares the important takeaway messages from yesterday's Netflix investor conference.

Although Netflix has been a volatile stock over the short term, David sees it as a long-term play. He compares it with and Comcast, both of which are making farsighted investments with the intention of becoming the consumer's preferred entertainment provider, just like Netflix is.

David describes the company's business model as buying content first, such as through movie deals with Disney, and attracting subscribers later. He compares the great content with that of AMC Networks, another company that's been successful lately. He emphasizes the timeless nature of Netflix's great content even as television continues to evolve and content delivery methods change with the advent of new devices.

Given these positives, David closes by saying that Netflix is worth buying, even at today's prices. He sees value in the company's database of viewer preferences and in its long-term investments in technology.

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