On Wednesday, home carbonization system manufacturer and supplier SodaStream International (NASDAQ:SODA) announced it has signed a "strategic agreement" with privately held Ocean Spray Cranberries.

The import of the agreement, of course, is to allow SodaStream to license the Ocean Spray brand to develop to "a portfolio of juice blend concentrates co-developed exclusively for the SodaStream home beverage carbonation system." In other words: SodaStream is going to start selling carbonated cranberry juice soda.

Beginning sometime in the second half of this year, SodaStream machine owners should be able to create their own blends of regular and diet Cranberry, Cranberry-Grape, and Cranberry-Raspberry sodas at home. These are described as the "initial flavors," so it's likely that if this first batch is successful, other flavors will be forthcoming in future years.

Financial terms of the licensing agreement were not disclosed. Regardless, SodaStream shares reacted positively to the news, rising 4.6% in Wednesday trading to close at $48.50.

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