Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) is again pushing its ambitions internationally, releasing its cloud developer tools in English today. The English site will help developers around the world build apps for the Chinese market.

Developers who don't speak or read Chinese will be able to access Baidu interfaces and services, such as cloud storage, in-app advertising and analytics, and location-based features. Currently, the website is limited to introductory material, but the company will be adding on.

Baidu hopes its mobile services will help developers bring their apps to market cheaper and faster. The company said that in the near future, developers will be able to integrate Baidu products to build apps with large storage requirements -- like photo, video, and music apps -- for free. 

Once developers are finished building, they can upload them to Baidu's Mobile App Center. There, Baidu search users can find and download the apps.


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