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Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen


Kevin Chen covers the tech sector in China. With degrees in history and economics, he scours government sources, magazines, blogs, and earnings reports before making any investment decision. You can follow him at @TMFKang or on Google+.

Recent articles

Baidu's Biggest Competitors

You may know Qihoo 360 is Baidu's biggest competitor today, but you should also watch out for Sohu's -- it's grown formidable thanks a Tencent partnership.

5 Fast-Growing Companies in China

Looking at revenue, Qihoo 360, Baidu, Dangdang, Sohu and SINA are growing fast -- but how have they done over the past three years?

Is BlackBerry's John Chen the Next Steve Jobs?

Like Apple in 1997, BlackBerry is almost bankrupt. While John Chen may not be Steve Jobs, he's taking the same steps as Jobs did at Apple to turn BlackBerry around.

1 Chinese Tech Company Winning the War for Talent

If management drives culture, then it's clear why this Baidu tops employment rankings.

Do Happy Employees Make for Happy Shareholders? (Revisited)

When investing, happy employees can guide you to market-beating returns -- if you have the patience.

LinkedIn Redesigns iPad App

LinkedIn has made it easier to access content.

LinkedIn "Reimagines" Email With "Intro" on iOS

LinkedIn Intro brings Linkedin's social information to Apple's iPhone Mail app.

3 Tech-Savvy Ways to Save on Holiday Shopping

Be tech-savvy and save with online price-trackers, mobile coupons, and community forums.

Are the "Best Companies To Work For" Your Next, Best Investment?

"Best Companies To Work For" in China may trounce the S&P 500, but here's why you shouldn't invest in these stocks.

Report: China Mobile Shopping Market Grows 181% YOY

Mobile shopping market skyrockets, while PC shopping slows.

Report: China Social Networking Companies See Significant Increases

Social networking penetration increases, mobile usage dominates, and Tencent comes out on top.

Sony Offers VAIO Red PCs

With all red edition PC purchases, Sony has added a one-year standard warranty and one-year accidental protection.

Ackman's Pressure on JCP Board Heats Up

Chairman's statement supports current CEO; Ackman calls for new chairman.

Amazon Launches New Program to Court Web Developers

The Mobile App Distribution program aims to cut out development headaches for Kindle apps.

Alibaba Introduces Cross-Border Shipping Service

A coalition forms the International Parcel Forwarding Service to help improve delivery, reduce customer costs.

Kindle Singles Adds Interviews

For $0.99, customers can purchase exclusive, long-form interviews with world leaders including Shimon Peres.

Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 11 for Developers

Microsoft entices developers onto Internet Explorer 11 with discounts, software, and support.

Flextronics Launches Hardware Start-Up Lab

Flextronics wants to get close to disruptive, early-stage, game-changing start-ups.

Google Adsense Gets a Tiny Makeover

Google Adsense features favicons that should drive greater advertising revenue for users.

Google Introduces $35 Chromecast

The $35 Chromecast streams online content from mobile devices to the TV.

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